Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kube Studios: Toe and Heel Height

Kube Studios on Heels

We are a leading studio and agency with over 30 staff working with industry decision makers to get our models the best modelling jobs. Here at Kube Studios we overhear conversations about heels every day and thought we should cover some facts about what makes them comfortable, or not.

When you’re on set and wearing the same pair of heels for hours, it’s important to have the pair that’s right for you and your foot type. It goes without saying really, but they have to fit. Having one size too big or too small just doesn’t work when it comes to heels in modelling

Kube Studios
Kube Studios

Tight fitting toe boxes can cause the tissue around a nerve between the third and fourth toes to thicken leading to pain and numbness and also even cause bone to grow around the big toe joint. This forces the big toe in the way making bunions.

The higher the heel is the more pressure there is on the front of the foot. This can cause pain and pushes your centre of gravity forwards. In the long term this can lead to alignment problems in the hips and spine. The altered positioning of body weight also puts additional force on the inner knee, causing long term problems.

Watch this video to find out more about modelling with Kube Studios.

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