Friday, 25 September 2015

Kube Studios Summer Review

Jenna's Kube Studios Review

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Review blog. As you will be aware, every week across our four locations our teams meet dozens of different men, women and children and are constantly being surprised by the level of ambition that's out there regarding modelling and the wide variety of people who want to get involved.

Kube Studios London 
Fashion Photography at Kube Studios

Whether you are interested in becoming famous or simply want to try something new and get a bit of extra work to top up your day job, modelling really has something for everyone. The variety of models we see now in print and video has never been so great. Did you know there is even a modelling agency specialising in 'ugly' people! Alternative brands looking for eye-catching talking points and a slightly off beat image clearly find this prospect attractive.

One young lady who is clearly the opposite of 'ugly' and who visited Kube Studios in August is Jenna. Here's what she wrote to us last week following her day in our London studios.

Hey Mike! I just received the last of the photos I chose and I must say I'm really happy with all of them! It was such an exciting day and I'm really grateful to the guys for making me feel so welcome. I think you might get a call from my friend - her name is Carly E*****s and shes proper jealous of me! If i decide on any other photos I'll let you know but I'm happy with these for the mo :) Jennax

We love hearing back from people are their photoshoots so if you have something to say, we take all feedback on board as part of our efforts to provide a superior photography service. Visit the Kube Studios website and find more reviews on the Kube Studios tumblr