Sunday, 29 December 2013

What Types of Modelling Do Kube Studios Do?

Kube Studios, the photography studios based in London, Manchester and Birmingham specialize in capturing models at their best. Kube Studios are not a modelling agency - they are a photography studio. They offer the following types of modelling:

- Male Modelling

There are many opportunities for male models within the modelling industry. The secret is knowing what type of male modelling you are suitable for and then targeting the right model agencies that suit your requirements.

- Female Modelling

Female modelling is exciting and rewarding but you need advice if you are new to the industry. If you dream has always been to become a model then we can assist you in your journey and help to kick start your modelling career.

- Body Parts Modelling

Being a body parts model may seem a very strange profession to have, but many models make a lot of money just by modelling parts of their bodies that have a special quality.

- Plus Size Modelling
- Petite Modelling
- Glamour Modelling
- Catalogue Modelling
- Catwalk Modelling
.............and more!

For more information on this photography studio visit the Kube Studios blog. Watch this video about Kube Studios:

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Reviewing the Photography Studios

Kube Studios Reviews

If you would like to review our modelling services please use this page to do so, we will be checking back daily to read your comments. Kube Studios is always looking for ways to improve its services and offer the best value for money photoshoots in the UK.

Our staff have years of expertise in all aspects of photography from make-up and hair styling to photographers and image mastering experts. If you need a high quality photo shoot, contact our Kube Studios in central London and our friendly staff will help you.

Click here to go the Kube Studios website and read their testimonials.

For more information about Kube Studios watch this YouTube video:

Friday, 27 September 2013

Where are Kube Studios Located?

Where are Kube Studios located?

Kube Studios are located around the UK, so you are never too far from one no matter where you are. Their modelling studios are based in London, Manchester and Birmingham. 

London - 57 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7PN

Manchester - 45-47 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1NA

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Birmingham - 93-94 Charles Henry Street, Birmingham, B12 0SJ

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How do I get there?

Kube Studios in London are centrally located near Oxford Circus Underground station.

From Oxford Circus Tube take Exit 1 turn right at top of stairs, walk past Top Shop and turn the second left up Great Titchfield Street. The studios are 4 minutes walk up on the left after the Riding House Cafe.

For train tickets to London, visit:

For routes to their other studios visit the Kube Studios Manchester and Kube Studios Birmingham blogs.

What to expect?

Kube Studios are not a modelling agency. They are a photography studio specializing in modelling portfolios. They have the best facilities and equipment at their disposal and have been established for years. If you are an aspiring model and you want to work with a professional phorographer, look no further than Kube Studios. To find out more read their Terms and Conditions page.

Where can I find examples of photos they have taken?

You can find examples of their work on the Kube Studios website. Here is one from their website:

What are Kube Studios contact details?

Kube Studios telephone number is: 020 70430910

Friday, 26 July 2013

Become A Model

Kube Studios Photography

Kube Studios are a photography studio with a difference. They specialise in helping aspiring models break into modelling. Although they are not a modelling agency they can help hopefuls achieve their potential with the right expertise and tools.

If you have visited Kube Studios and would like to review our services or provide feedback, please email us on

We will read every review and even publish them on this blog so you can read real testimonies of our services from those that matter - our clients. Become one today @

If you would like to see what they are already saying about us, read the reviews on our Qype page:

Kube Studios are open to models of all ages and body types. We also specialize in male modelling, petite modelling, plus size modelling, fitness modelling and body part modelling. If you think you have what it takes, pursue your dream using the right professionals.

Here are some modelling articles to give you advice about modelling:

Mature Modelling - Modelling advice for the over 40's

Catwalk Modelling - Modelling advice for catwalk models

Petite Modelling - Modelling advice for smaller models

Don't forget to follow kube Studios on twitter:

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kube Studios Modelling Advice

Kube Studios

Kube Studios is unique in its focus on client satisfaction and attention to detail. They want you to get the best out of your experience with them, not just in terms of a good product, but on being ideally placed to take your modelling career to the next step.

Being prepared with the best photos you can will land you the best chance to getting that dream modelling job. They are based all over the UK and offer affordable photography services to aspiring models. When they are producing your Portfolio they ensure your images are edited and retouched to a high standard to show you off in the most attractive and professional way. They can also help models with building their Z Cards.  Z Cards, or Comp Cards, act as a model business card and CV. They are the expected standard presentation and what every model uses to market themselves. All Z Cards are created on a bespoke basis for each of our clients. Kube Studios are not a modelling agency.

Find out more about photography services from Kube Studios here:

Here they advise you on what you need to bring to your photoshoot. They also tell you what to prepare so you can make the most of your time in the studios.

There are many ways to make it as a model. The Metro recently wrote an article with ten tips on how to make it as a model, with examples from the lives of the top models of the moment.

Read this interesting article in the Metro about how to be a model:

Also, check out Vogue's list of top models:

There are 22 types of modelling, find out which one you are most suited for and start building your modelling portfolios. Get in touch!

Kube Studios Social Links:

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Reviews of Kube Studios

Kube Studios

UK photography studio Kube Studios is based in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

They have over 30 dedicated staff to helping models in all aspects of modelling, from how to pose, to make up, clothes, and photography services.

Kube Studios is set up to provide a direct and affordable way for models to pursue their goal of turning professional. Their photography services and portfolios start from £50.

Their London studio is based just off Oxford Street in Central London. To book an appointment or find out more, visit their website:

Here is a video on Youtube about Kube Studios services:

To find out more about them or read real reviews on Kube Studios, click on these links:

Freeindex -

Qype -

Kube Studios Twitter page: