Monday, 27 January 2014

How To Dress Like A Star

Kube Studios Guide to Modelling and Fasion

Paris Hilton is one of the most photographed women on the planet. Although she is not regarded as a top model, she must be doing something right to be on the cover of so many magazines across the world and use her image to her advantage. Part of her modelling success is Paris's (or her stylists) dress sense. She has been know to wear some amazing pieces in her photos. Here is a run down of her best dresses.

Paris Hilton looking vibrant in this yellow dress.

Paris showing these is no need for knickers in fashion

Paris Hilton modelling a drunk American Indian look 

Paris in Alexander Wang dress

Paris and Rihanna in the same Betsy Johnson dress

 So there you have it, Paris looking awesome, she knows how to pose and about the best clothes, plus the look in her eye captures her personality in every photo she takes. Click here more information about modelling on our blogs. You can also follow Kube Studios on Twitter and watch this Youtube video about there services below.  Their services include: male modelling, female modelling, teen modelling and body parts modelling and they are based in central London. To visit Kube Studios go on their website.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Modelling Videos To Watch

 Kube Studios keep you up to date with the latest modelling services. Here are some videos about modelling services offered by various companies in the UK. If you are thinking of becoming a model these should provide you with some interesting watching. For more modelling info, read our modelling blog  or find out more by following us on twitter here: Kube Studios on Twitter.

Modelling Videos: