Thursday, 5 November 2015

Teen Modelling Review - Shanaz

Kube Studios Review

Kube Studios has a staff of over 50 dedicated to helping aspiring models break into the industry. They are experts in photography, makeup, fashion and more... Read this review to find out more about Kube Studios.

Kube Studios is an amazing company my sister has taken her photos there as you can see she has been boosting her confidence more by this opportunity. we have also  recently got signed by Fusion Management Agency showing Kube Studios portfolio of my sisters photo shoot and they were amazed by this. we have also received a call from james and he has helped a lot giving me advice on what to do to take my sisters modelling step more forward to the future. so i am looking forward to see some changes.

Thank you.


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Friday, 25 September 2015

Kube Studios Summer Review

Jenna's Kube Studios Review

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Review blog. As you will be aware, every week across our four locations our teams meet dozens of different men, women and children and are constantly being surprised by the level of ambition that's out there regarding modelling and the wide variety of people who want to get involved.

Kube Studios London 
Fashion Photography at Kube Studios

Whether you are interested in becoming famous or simply want to try something new and get a bit of extra work to top up your day job, modelling really has something for everyone. The variety of models we see now in print and video has never been so great. Did you know there is even a modelling agency specialising in 'ugly' people! Alternative brands looking for eye-catching talking points and a slightly off beat image clearly find this prospect attractive.

One young lady who is clearly the opposite of 'ugly' and who visited Kube Studios in August is Jenna. Here's what she wrote to us last week following her day in our London studios.

Hey Mike! I just received the last of the photos I chose and I must say I'm really happy with all of them! It was such an exciting day and I'm really grateful to the guys for making me feel so welcome. I think you might get a call from my friend - her name is Carly E*****s and shes proper jealous of me! If i decide on any other photos I'll let you know but I'm happy with these for the mo :) Jennax

We love hearing back from people are their photoshoots so if you have something to say, we take all feedback on board as part of our efforts to provide a superior photography service. Visit the Kube Studios website and find more reviews on the Kube Studios tumblr

Monday, 17 August 2015

Kube Studios Review: Donna and Rebecca!

Kube Studios Review

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Reviews blog. If you are interested in becoming a model or making a visit to one of our locations, watch the short video at the bottom of this post and feel free to get in touch with a team member via our website.

We love it when we see a mother and daughter leaving the studio with smiles! Here is a letter we got from Donna who came to Kube Studios Manchester with her daughter Rebecca.

Kube Studios Reviews

My daughter Rebecca would daily come up to me and say mum look at my hair I wish it was longer or look at my freckles there spreading all over my face but to me she is just perfect so couldn't understand why she didn't see what I see I was filling in a receipt competition and saw models wanted send in a picture so I did without telling her!! Next day I got an e mail from James Scott saying she had been shortlisted and to get in touch oh no I thought what have I done Beccy is going to kill me for putting her in the spotlight!! I told her what I'd done her face was beaming yes yes I'll do it I was surprised by her reaction so I gave James a ring what a lovely man he is he made us feel at ease he talked to both of us described what would happen on the day and to relax and enjoy it he really made us feel that he was interested in how we felt about the photo shoot the day came Beccy had told all her friends about it she packed enough clothes to sink a small boat!! My husband drove as I'm not a confident driver and dropped us off the lady that opened the door with a beaming friendly face was so welcoming everybody was hugging each other and all the staff make up artist etc seemed like best friends the lady at the desk was so friendly we talked about her new baby Blake and then we met the photographer she was really nice very patient as Beccy went through all her clothes and the photographer advised her what to wear with what which was great Beccy said I wouldn't put that top n dungarees together but they look great don't they mum I replied its you that's making them look great love she smiled she chucked her clothes under the curtain and started to boss me about as her confidence started to build she didn't seem nervous at all in front of the camera which surprised me as she usually a little introvert then clothes change and little make up the artist was lovely she was giving Beccy advice about her hair and said her freckles were lovely and didn't want cover them up because they were cute Beccy giggled well hair tongued n make up on we we went up stairs to some steps and a wind machine her long hair blowing other parents there telling her how beautiful she looked Beccy confidence now bursting out of her chest the sunglasses were on and she was blowing kisses another clothing change hair up and extra make up  she sat on a circular Box with back lighting oh my word her eyes were twinkling in the light a tear came to my eye she looked gorgeous I thought this is gonna cost me a fortune because she looked lovely in all of them!!! The last ones she was sat on a chair and I thought I'm not too keen on them but when the photos come out they were beautiful we sat with the advisor and she said that all her photos were really good and that she wasn't nervous at all and this came through on the pictures she went through the price list which can get a bit expensive but you don't have to get them and I did feel a bit of child pressure because Beccy said please mum I really want this so £1600 later we got all the photos and a web site made the payments are interest free and worked out at £110 a month which seemed better £1000 is Rebecca's own money that I gave her when my father died 4 yr ago she hadn't known what to spend it on but she said this is it mum I want to spend it on this so that's what we did as we walked through Manchester Center Beccy was saying look mum that could be me on that bill board one day!!the next day I got a call from James asking how the shoot went he advised us to get a g mail account and join Twitter which I've no idea what I'm doing because I'm not very computer literate but he told me what to do and he would be in touch it was great knowing that he was still there supporting us as it was going round my head what have I done because it is a hell of a lot of money to us but to know he hadn't abandoned us made me feel more confident I had done the right thing meanwhile Beccy has been showing all her friends at school some of her photos on her phone she is so excited to be getting her own website the neighbours have asked for her autograph already before she gets famous haha thanks once again for helping boost Rebecca's confidence I just hope now she can see the beautiful lady that I see everyday thanks to all staff at kube studios and James for being so patient and kind to us we've met some lovely people on this big adventure!!

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Kube Studios Reviews

Kube Reviews from June

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Reviews blog. We thought it was about time that we got round to posting some of the feedback we had from our studios around the country from June! We'd like to remind you to get in touch via the website with your feedback and tag us in any photos you tweet!

Here's a Facebook message we got from Sharon in Croydon who came to Kube Studios London.

Heya yep had a good time thnx! sorry again that i was late my train was cancelled so i took the bus but it wouldv been quicker just to wait for the next one - normally when ones cancelled then next one is too tho rite! Say hi to Paul for me and thanks for helping me calm down cus I was really uptight by the time i got there after my journey :) could i maybe change one of the photos i selected? i picked 2 that were really similar by mistake. thnks a lot!xxx

And here's a quick note we got from Paul after he popped by our Manchester studios.

Hi guys. Thanks for last week. I've compiled all the pictures into a great looking folder for my portfolio and my mates are even thinking about doing the same. Hoping for the best! Take care, see you again maybe!

If you're interested in becoming a model and need a modelling portfolio photoshoot then visit the Kube Studios website to find out about our locations and our teams. We're also active on the Kube Studios twitter (@KubeStudios_) so tweet us your pics and please RT our new blog posts as they come out!
Kube Studios London
Kube Studios London

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kube Studios Review from Tara

Kube Studios Review from Tara

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Reviews blog. This month we thought we would share some feedback we got from Tara who came to our flagship London studios in May for a fashion modelling portfolio shoot. She was fantastic to work with and the team wish her the best of luck in her next steps towards becoming a model. If you are also interested in having a portfolio shoot, get in touch with our team for packages and various options! Don’t forget that we have studios in Manchester, Birmingham and London so we’re never too far away from you!

Hi Mike! Thanks for writing to me. Ofcourse I’d luv to let you know how my day went! Me and my mum took the train up to London from Croydon and arrived at Kube Studios about an hour early. Your team made us quite comfortable as we waited and soon enough I was asked to start getting ready. That was wen my nerves kicked in!!! All morning Id been fine but my knees were shakey and my hands went all clammy! After meeting the photography team it gota bit better and within 20 mins I was back to normal pretty much. It was really fun but the time flew so fast. The photos I ended up choosing were really nice and mum just put one on the wall in our living room, super embarrassing! I hope that’s what you wanted! I can’t think of anything else to say. Thanks Kube!

If you want to find out more about Kube Studios photography services and about our locations, watch the video below the post. Make sure that you follow the other Kube Studios blogs and visit us on Facebook here: Kube Studios!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Male Models Review

Kube Studios Review

As a studio specialising in Fashion Photography and modelling, we are ideally placed to help models stand out from the crowd. If you want to get signed to a modelling agency, going to any photographer just won't do. Your photos are everything. Clients and agencies need to know that if they book you, you will deliver and look amazing. This is where Kube Studios come in. They have a team of over 50 people around the country in London, Manchester and Birmingham with expertise in all aspects of modelling. To get a real industry insight, contact them today. 

Here is a review from one of our male models, Erik.


Just wanted to say thank you to Kube Studios. You really came through for me. Thank you for your patience and attention to detail - you are clearly perfectionists. I never thought of catalogue modelling and wanted to go into fitness modelling but your advice really made sense. The time you spent with me made my day so much more productive and worth it. The photos you took were great and I have submitted them to a modelling agency in London. Wish me luck guys! 

Erik, 21

For more information about Kube Studios visit their website or read the new Kube Studios blog here. Kube Studios are also now on Instagram! Read the new Kube Studios Reviews on Tumblr too X

Monday, 30 March 2015

Kube Studios Reviews from Marcus

Kube Studios Birmingham

Do you have what it takes to shine in front of the camera? Every week Kube Studios sees dozens of new faces in our Birmingham studio, all with different aspirations. Some people come for a social day out and a memento, others come with plans to become a model, while others just want to find out more about photography. If you want to know more about us, watch the video at the bottom of this post.
Kube Studios Reviews

Most people who come to Kube Studios Birmingham want to have their modeling portfolios made or updated. It's important to keep your portfolio fairly up to date, especially if you have changed your look in any major way such as tattoos or dramatic hair style changes. That is exactly why Marcus came to see Kube Studios in February - complete with his new, stunning, tattoo sleeves!

Hi again, No problem I'll write a few words. The reason I came back was because I got tattoos and realised that they made my old portfolio completely redundant. Thankfully I only needed to get some of the shots redone, because my headshots and profile are still the same. As before, your service was good and the results were as expected. Best to the team, Marc

For more info about Kube Studios read our other blogs and watch our video. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kube Studios Review - Rebecca

Kube Studios Review

Having been on the scene for over 12 years, it could be said that Kube Studios are one of the best known modelling portfolio photography studios in the UK. With our studios in Manchester, Birmingham and London, we cover almost all of England! With modelling and fashion becoming more popular than ever before thanks to celebrity bloggers and reality shows, we see more and more young people having modelling portfolios made. A good portfolio consists of a variety of shots. The most important one is arguably the head shot. 

For any head shot, minimal make up should be worn as it can hide your features - and often put agencies off. Keep it natural and let your self be the subject, not your make up! Here is what Rebecca had to say about her modelling portfolio photoshoot day at Kube Studios London!

Kube Studios
Kube Studios London
Dear Team

I'm writing to thank you for my beautiful photos. I'm absolutely smitten with them and so are my family. We're all very excited about getting them out there and on agency desks! Any help would be appreciated so please let me know if you have tips or anything that might help me! Thanks in advance x

Becca D.

We love hearing back from happy customers and hope that every Kube Studios portfolio shoot results in success. To find out more about our fantastic London studio, visit the Kube Studios blog and watch the video below. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kube Studios Reviews

Kube Studios Reviews

As one of the UKs most well known photography studios, Kube Studios endeavour to provide top quality photography services to businesses and individuals. We specialise in fashion photo shoots and have three studios covering the whole of England. Our flagship studio is in London but we also have premises in Manchester and Birmingham.

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
Whether you are an individual looking to build a modelling portfolio, or a business looking for photographers for commercial purposes, Kube Studios can accommodate your every need. All of our staff have extensive industry experience and are professionals in their fields, from front of house staff to the photographers themselves. If you want to try something new for 2015, talk to us about makeover days and fashion photography shoots which make great days out with friends after being in the office all week! Here is a review we got after a visit to Kube Studios Birmingham from Kathy who came in as part of her hen night!

"Hi! yes! Everything went fine at the wedding, and that was a nice surprise given how fast we arranged it. So glad i kept it simple. The photos you took were the last ones taken of me before I got married, apart from a few on my friends phones on the morning of the wedding so they're particularly important to me. I had a really nice day, so thank the team for me please and I will maybe be in touch next year for some baby shots! Fingers crossed!!! Tc, Kathy"

To find out more about Kube Studios, watch the video below and find us on Pinterest.