Friday, 19 June 2015

Kube Studios Review from Tara

Kube Studios Review from Tara

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Reviews blog. This month we thought we would share some feedback we got from Tara who came to our flagship London studios in May for a fashion modelling portfolio shoot. She was fantastic to work with and the team wish her the best of luck in her next steps towards becoming a model. If you are also interested in having a portfolio shoot, get in touch with our team for packages and various options! Don’t forget that we have studios in Manchester, Birmingham and London so we’re never too far away from you!

Hi Mike! Thanks for writing to me. Ofcourse I’d luv to let you know how my day went! Me and my mum took the train up to London from Croydon and arrived at Kube Studios about an hour early. Your team made us quite comfortable as we waited and soon enough I was asked to start getting ready. That was wen my nerves kicked in!!! All morning Id been fine but my knees were shakey and my hands went all clammy! After meeting the photography team it gota bit better and within 20 mins I was back to normal pretty much. It was really fun but the time flew so fast. The photos I ended up choosing were really nice and mum just put one on the wall in our living room, super embarrassing! I hope that’s what you wanted! I can’t think of anything else to say. Thanks Kube!

If you want to find out more about Kube Studios photography services and about our locations, watch the video below the post. Make sure that you follow the other Kube Studios blogs and visit us on Facebook here: Kube Studios!

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