Monday, 17 August 2015

Kube Studios Review: Donna and Rebecca!

Kube Studios Review

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We love it when we see a mother and daughter leaving the studio with smiles! Here is a letter we got from Donna who came to Kube Studios Manchester with her daughter Rebecca.

Kube Studios Reviews

My daughter Rebecca would daily come up to me and say mum look at my hair I wish it was longer or look at my freckles there spreading all over my face but to me she is just perfect so couldn't understand why she didn't see what I see I was filling in a receipt competition and saw models wanted send in a picture so I did without telling her!! Next day I got an e mail from James Scott saying she had been shortlisted and to get in touch oh no I thought what have I done Beccy is going to kill me for putting her in the spotlight!! I told her what I'd done her face was beaming yes yes I'll do it I was surprised by her reaction so I gave James a ring what a lovely man he is he made us feel at ease he talked to both of us described what would happen on the day and to relax and enjoy it he really made us feel that he was interested in how we felt about the photo shoot the day came Beccy had told all her friends about it she packed enough clothes to sink a small boat!! My husband drove as I'm not a confident driver and dropped us off the lady that opened the door with a beaming friendly face was so welcoming everybody was hugging each other and all the staff make up artist etc seemed like best friends the lady at the desk was so friendly we talked about her new baby Blake and then we met the photographer she was really nice very patient as Beccy went through all her clothes and the photographer advised her what to wear with what which was great Beccy said I wouldn't put that top n dungarees together but they look great don't they mum I replied its you that's making them look great love she smiled she chucked her clothes under the curtain and started to boss me about as her confidence started to build she didn't seem nervous at all in front of the camera which surprised me as she usually a little introvert then clothes change and little make up the artist was lovely she was giving Beccy advice about her hair and said her freckles were lovely and didn't want cover them up because they were cute Beccy giggled well hair tongued n make up on we we went up stairs to some steps and a wind machine her long hair blowing other parents there telling her how beautiful she looked Beccy confidence now bursting out of her chest the sunglasses were on and she was blowing kisses another clothing change hair up and extra make up  she sat on a circular Box with back lighting oh my word her eyes were twinkling in the light a tear came to my eye she looked gorgeous I thought this is gonna cost me a fortune because she looked lovely in all of them!!! The last ones she was sat on a chair and I thought I'm not too keen on them but when the photos come out they were beautiful we sat with the advisor and she said that all her photos were really good and that she wasn't nervous at all and this came through on the pictures she went through the price list which can get a bit expensive but you don't have to get them and I did feel a bit of child pressure because Beccy said please mum I really want this so £1600 later we got all the photos and a web site made the payments are interest free and worked out at £110 a month which seemed better £1000 is Rebecca's own money that I gave her when my father died 4 yr ago she hadn't known what to spend it on but she said this is it mum I want to spend it on this so that's what we did as we walked through Manchester Center Beccy was saying look mum that could be me on that bill board one day!!the next day I got a call from James asking how the shoot went he advised us to get a g mail account and join Twitter which I've no idea what I'm doing because I'm not very computer literate but he told me what to do and he would be in touch it was great knowing that he was still there supporting us as it was going round my head what have I done because it is a hell of a lot of money to us but to know he hadn't abandoned us made me feel more confident I had done the right thing meanwhile Beccy has been showing all her friends at school some of her photos on her phone she is so excited to be getting her own website the neighbours have asked for her autograph already before she gets famous haha thanks once again for helping boost Rebecca's confidence I just hope now she can see the beautiful lady that I see everyday thanks to all staff at kube studios and James for being so patient and kind to us we've met some lovely people on this big adventure!!

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