Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kube Studios Review - Rebecca

Kube Studios Review

Having been on the scene for over 12 years, it could be said that Kube Studios are one of the best known modelling portfolio photography studios in the UK. With our studios in Manchester, Birmingham and London, we cover almost all of England! With modelling and fashion becoming more popular than ever before thanks to celebrity bloggers and reality shows, we see more and more young people having modelling portfolios made. A good portfolio consists of a variety of shots. The most important one is arguably the head shot. 

For any head shot, minimal make up should be worn as it can hide your features - and often put agencies off. Keep it natural and let your self be the subject, not your make up! Here is what Rebecca had to say about her modelling portfolio photoshoot day at Kube Studios London!

Kube Studios
Kube Studios London
Dear Team

I'm writing to thank you for my beautiful photos. I'm absolutely smitten with them and so are my family. We're all very excited about getting them out there and on agency desks! Any help would be appreciated so please let me know if you have tips or anything that might help me! Thanks in advance x

Becca D.

We love hearing back from happy customers and hope that every Kube Studios portfolio shoot results in success. To find out more about our fantastic London studio, visit the Kube Studios blog and watch the video below. 

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