Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kube Studios Modelling Advice

Kube Studios

Kube Studios is unique in its focus on client satisfaction and attention to detail. They want you to get the best out of your experience with them, not just in terms of a good product, but on being ideally placed to take your modelling career to the next step.

Being prepared with the best photos you can will land you the best chance to getting that dream modelling job. They are based all over the UK and offer affordable photography services to aspiring models. When they are producing your Portfolio they ensure your images are edited and retouched to a high standard to show you off in the most attractive and professional way. They can also help models with building their Z Cards.  Z Cards, or Comp Cards, act as a model business card and CV. They are the expected standard presentation and what every model uses to market themselves. All Z Cards are created on a bespoke basis for each of our clients. Kube Studios are not a modelling agency.

Find out more about photography services from Kube Studios here:

Here they advise you on what you need to bring to your photoshoot. They also tell you what to prepare so you can make the most of your time in the studios.

There are many ways to make it as a model. The Metro recently wrote an article with ten tips on how to make it as a model, with examples from the lives of the top models of the moment.

Read this interesting article in the Metro about how to be a model:

Also, check out Vogue's list of top models:

There are 22 types of modelling, find out which one you are most suited for and start building your modelling portfolios. Get in touch!

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