Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kube Studios Male Modelling Fitness

Male Modelling Workout

Here is a workout endorsed by Kube Studios especially for male models who want to look toned and healthy. This workout isn’t your everyday fitness workout that calls for 30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 reps on the bench press, this workout is designed for the guys who want a body like an world class fashion model.
Kube Studios

This workout guide not only covers what kind of training to do in the gym, but also gives diet suggestions and supplementation tips to help increase the effectiveness of the entire fitness model program.

The Abercrombie workout takes advantage of cutting edge research in fitness training, diet, and supplementation to deliver the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. The workout itself utilizes a combination of specialized workout routines and proper nutrition guidelines that lead to extremely high of  levels of hypertrophy and overall growth, while at the same time burning extra body fat. Due to high level of specialization the Abercrombie workout is extremely effective in building the same physique as the fitness models you see every day.

The problem with the majority of fitness routines is that they’re designed for either out of shape individuals who are trying to lose a few pounds or for the high school football player trying to put on as much size and strength as possible. You need to be strong to look strong. No one wants to put on 10 pounds of muscle if it comes along with 10 pounds of fat. Why, because all that muscle will be hidden and it will just make the individual even more out of shape. 

The key to building a physique that catches the attention of everyone at the beach is building solid level of muscle and then burning off the fat that covers it. In addition to this, the muscle has to be built in the right places. so the key to an appealing physique is not only size but also muscle symmetry. the first part of the Abercrombie workout focuses on losing body fat. You should be at 10% body fat before considering moving on to phase 2 which is muscle mass. 

During part 1 of the Abercrombie workout is not to build muscle. But instead to focus on increasing muscle tone without increasing the actual size of your muscles. If you are interested in male modelling or fitness modelling don’t give up, it can be a great career. Talk to Kube Studios today!

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