Monday, 16 May 2016

New Kube Studio Testimonial from Model Nikki

Kube Studio testimonial from model Nikki.

Here a beautiful testimonial from one of our model's about how working with Kube Studios helped her to regain her confidence.   

"I want to thank everyone at Kube studios, unlike most people, when I first replied to an email and sent off a photo of myself, (with my horse, of course), It was because I was feeling so bad about myself! I thought if I just got a reply, it would make my day, and go a long way to help building some confidence with in me and help me feel a bit better about myself. Well, what happened next was beyond anything and I’m still trying to get my head around it! Zish contacted me and after a lot of persuading, he convinced me to do a photo shoot at Kube studios London.

The shoot was booked for April 1st, which I thought the perfect date, me, in front of a camera, it had to be April Fools. After all, I’m a simple country girl and one of the lads, more at home in the woods/fields with my horse and dog, under a car/bike or up a tree than in front of a camera. Give me a set of tools or a horse trying to kill me, I can work it out, Point a camera at me and I run a mile! (90% of my photos are my animals) But I went anyway, and mostly for the same reasons I wanted to cancel. Life in general, feeling bad about myself, and especially after ending up with the paramedics at my home the day before, I desperately needed to do something that just wasn't normally me.

I was so scared, but Zish had been so nice to me and had told everyone at Kube Studios how nervous I was and to take care of me. Everyone was nicer to me than I ever could have imagined. I just thought it would be nice to have my hair and make-up done and get a few photos I could look back on in years to come and say ‘That was me’. I was made to feel so comfortable, confident even, and for once, beautiful. I never thought I would enjoy being in front of a camera, but by the end I was loving it!! When I was shown my photos, I didn't recognise myself, the girl in photos looked so beautiful, natural, and happy. How could it be that I was envious of the girl in my own photos?

I left the studio on a high looking forward to receiving photos I could one day show the grand kids and say, ‘see, I was young once ‘I emailed Zish to thank him and everyone involved for a day id never forget. Next thing I know I receive an email from Mike Hannah (the owner of the studio!) Asking if my comments and thanks could be tweeted along with their favourite photos, I couldn’t believe it and said yes without hesitation. Then, not really thinking much more of it, I get another email, James Scott this time,(That made 3 guys from the modelling studio, contact me, liking my photos and being so nice, I truly felt like crying)After a few emails and a long phone call, where James had tried to talk this very much non-tech girl through tweeter and social media presence, here I am.  It’s because of these 3 wonderful guys, and everyone at Kube studios, people that believed in me, that this simple, private, country tomboy is going to have a portfolio, a website and is starting on the path to believing in herself.

I will always keep the emails and everything I received to remember the confidence I found in myself that day and the people who saw something in me that I hope to one day see for myself. I can’t thank you all enough, for once in my like you truly did make me feel like I was beautiful. I want to thank everyone at Kube Studios"


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