Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Experience With Kube Studios Review

Kube Studios Review

At Kube Studios we love publishing our reviews for the world to see. Here is one testimonial sent to us recently.

It all started, with my googling part-time jobs in Cheshunt, when I came across an advert labelled "you wanna be a model" which I clicked on. I had to fill in some details including my name, phone number and also a picture of myself. I was extremely pessimistic about receiving a reply via phone call or email, as I had doubts on my potential as a model. 

The next day I received a phone call from James, an employee at model guides, who spoke to my mum and told her all about a photoshoot that I would be able attend in the coming week after the call. I then spoke to James myself and he informed me on the four different outfits I would need to bring, what time to be there and the location of the studio, Kube studios which was in Oxford Circus, London. After this call, I was massively pleased that I would be given the chance to have a shoot with professional photographers, make up artists and hair dressers, getting me prepared. 

A week or so later, I was then traveling to Oxford Circus to attend the time frame for the shoot I was given. On arrival I was kindly greeted and given a form to fill out, asking me for my height, waist measurement, eye colour and modeling line I would like to go into. The first step was makeup which was applied by the make up artist, to blend in with my pigmentation and skin complexion. This was a rather quick process, which was followed by a change of hair style. I was then ready to go downstairs to one of many rooms where I met my photographer for the session and chose the four outfits out of a selection of different clothing items. 

With the first outfit, I was rather nervous with what to do, in terms of facial expression, pose and camera presence. The photographer named Tally, started off by helping me with some poses I could carry out, which was an ice breaker. The first shoot was over and I was upstairs again, ready for a change of hair style. The second outfit choice was one that would be taken outside, to see how I would get on with the urban environment, natural lighting and members of the public passing by. After this shoot I was back to the hair stylist, ready for the third change of hair and back downstairs for the third outfit. Next, the fourth hair style and outfit was completed and I was finished for the day. 

Another employee of the studio then came out to take us to her office where we reviewed the shots and got to see some that they touched up on photoshop. We then discussed prices for portfolios and discs containing the images. The portfolio was the best option, as it was most beneficial for the future and next step if I were to move forward into the modeling industry. A day or so later, I was back on the phone with James, discussing how the shoot went and the next steps, including waiting for the portfolio to be completed and creating a new email address and Twitter account so James and Kube studios would be able to sell me and help other agencies and companies gain interest into my photos. 

Once the portfolio has been created, I will have a much better chance of finding work, as it will be a one-click direct link to my very own website where companies and recruiters ca
n view my shots and decide on whether to hire me for a casting or not. Kube studio employees and James were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and James is still a great help still, having the pleasure to answer my questions and help with issues and enquiries I may have.

we If you are an aspiring model, contact the team at Kube Studios on their website. Follow Kube Studios on Twitter and read Kube Studios reviews here.

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