Thursday, 27 February 2014

Inspiring Male Models: David Beckham

Kube Studios

What do you do when you have the face for acting but a voice that no one can take seriously except for Posh Spice? Become a model! That is exactly what David Beckham has done and now he is just as recognisable for kicking a ball as he is for standing in his pants.

What man doesn't want to be (like) him. All those sailor tats and the perfect level of stubble at all times, get him on your campaign and he could sell snow to Eskimos. Here we pay tribute to David Beckham, Brand Beckham, a man's man, family man, great man. When he makes a million he says something like, 'Darling, put it with the rest!'

David has made so much money from endorsements the past year Victoria is sure a crack a smile any day now. I remember those smiling selfies she took a while back proving she was human - creepy! So without further ado, let's check out David's latest modelling photo shoot for H&M getting slightly more and more dressed in every photo.



david beckham
David Beckham doing the trademark 'Victoria' expression

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