Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kube Studios Modelling Advice

Kube Studios Modelling Advice

The world of modelling is extremely varied. You don't have to be a hunk or a stick thin, 5 ft 9" girl, to become a model by any means. There are many marketing campaigns that require all sorts of people to model for their products or services.

There is a big market that requires, babies, kids, your pets, male, females of all ages, of all shapes and sizes and different races and backgrounds. You don't need to be that young either. Many models have started their careers after  they reach 30, 40 and even at 60 and have enjoyed great success. You could be one of them.

You may have noticed how all toy ads have kid's models and models who can pose as parents, medical drug ads usually feature older models and many cosmetic companies prefer the, girl next door, look in their ad campaigns. In comparison, many models in catalogues are varied and have natural looks as compared to runway models.

At Kube Studios we bring the best photographers, make up artists and stylists together to get your photoshoot just right. Kube Studios is not a modelling agency. We provide expert photography services at affordable prices to the general public, without having to be signed to an agency!

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